FortConsult has been acquired by NCC Group plc.

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FortConsult has been acquired by NCC Group plc.

FortConsult has been acquired by NCC Group plc.
As the cyber arms race and the technological revolution continues to outpace the ability of organisations to cope with the excess of security, performance and availability issues, our joint force benefits organisations to better manage risks, and limit the threats.
FortConsult was acquired for its unique skills in security assessments, testing and compliance, international diversity, strong leadership position in mainland Europe, and blue chip customers.
The NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist known in the market as thought leaders into various aspects of security testing. Their footprint in the UK and the US serving diverse industries, has helped NCC Group become one of the largest unbiased security providers in the world.
NCC is very well known in the Security Industry as a “state of the art” global company with comprehensive research, resulting in well known security testing tools and whitepapers presented at industry conferences, like Blackhat and Defcon. This is delivered through NCC Group or its well known subsidiary iSEC Partners and Matasano Security.
FortConsult will continue as a group member, and clients and partners will experience business-as-usual, but now with a broader range of security knowledge that we will all benefit from.  The company name remains unchanged and the management team will continue leading the business.
NCC Group employs more than 700 employees, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The NCC Group achieved revenues of more than GBP 99 mio. in the last fiscal year, with GBP 18,8 mio. in profit before tax

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