Næsseslottet (1998)

logo1The manor “Næsseslottet” is Denmark’s most exclusive office hotel located approximately 20 km from the Centre of Copenhagen. It has a distinctive quality – a professional and warm atmosphere, where every detail of the day to day has been thought of. The beautiful surroundings provide peace and inspiration. The perfect setting for creating visionary business. Read more (In Danish)

UserTribe (2020)

UserTribe is the end-to-end customer experience platform for enterprises. Theyconnect the people who make things with the people who use things. Their goal is to create a new way of working where customers are seamlessly integrated into every decision a company makes across the project lifecycle. Read more

Colibo (2017)


Software – Colibo is a user-friendly and dynamic intranet alternative for companies and organizations
there now are using Microsoft SarePoint as a digital workplace. Read more (in Danish)

Contractbook (2017)

Software – Contractbook is a contractual all-in-one solution, where you can design, sign and store all your agreements digitally in one place. It’s a simple and streamlined tool that ensures transparency, overview and efficient workflows by eliminating the need for other solutions. Read more (in Danish)