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Næsseslottet (1998)logo1 The manor “Næsseslottet” is Denmark’s most exclusive office hotel located approximately 20 km from the Centre of Copenhagen. It has a distinctive quality – a professional and warm atmosphere, where every detail of the day to day has been thought of. The beautiful surroundings provide peace and inspiration. The perfect setting for creating visionary business.
Sitecore (2002)sitecorelogo Sitecore is a CMS system that distinguishes itself by being easy to use while also being an advanced development platform for scalable websites. Sitecore OMS is online analytics and Marketing Automation integrated with Web CMS  effortlessly. Newest product is Sitecore E-Commerce. Thousands of large companies and organizations use Sitecore all over the world.
scott-tiger (2003)scott-tiger-print-logo scott/tiger was established in 2003 as a consulting company specializing in Oracle’s advanced technologies. Later the company expanded its specialization to cover Validation consultants (Pharmaceutical) and Test Management consultants.
Continia (2009)logo Continia was created in December 2009 and is a continuation of activities from Celenia Software. The company sells software that enables bank transactions to take place directly from the finance system. There are currently 2000 Danish companies using this software.
Capevo (2010)final_logo2 With Capevo XForm you can design and integrate intelligent e-forms directty on the WEB. Users enter data directly into the e-forms and a workflow ensures the application is processed further in the organization. Efficient self service solutions replace old manual pdf-based solutions and the result is more satisfied users and cost savings. Many successful solutions implemented in public organizations and private companies
Chainbizz (2010)chainbizz_logo Chainbizz specializes in implementing Sitecore based web solutions for retail chains and dealer networks. Chainbizz has extensive knowledge of E-Commerce and value drivers for retail chains and dealer networks. In August 2009 the Chainbizz product was acquired by Sitecore. The product has now been further developed in Sitecore technology and renamed as  “Sitecore E-Commerce”
Athena (2013) IT hosting – Offers complete solutions for everything from professional hosting and management of IT systems in our data centre to rental of the software and hardware you need every day.
FIBETCO (2014) Betting – Financial Betting